Thursday, March 3, 2011

WSU one of the best schools in country for personal safety

Washington State University has been one of the nation's leaders when it comes to providing students with a safe environment. Over the last several years, the school's police department has installed nearly 100 panic buttons to ensure that students do not have to worry about their personal safety, the Standard-Examiner reports.

Though the program began almost a decade ago, more than half of the buttons have been installed over the last few years. When the device is hit, it sends a signal to the school's police and could be useful in situations ranging from safety issues to health emergencies - officers will likely arrive in under three minutes.

"It's a way to give them security knowing they have options ... if they have an issue in their office," lieutenant Steve Hansen told the news source.

In addition to the buttons, WSU has also put other personal safety measures in place and offers a website with all of its plans listed on it, the news outlet reports.

College students who are looking for ways to defend themselves may want to buy pepper spray. Most campuses allow the carrying of the device, but students should check their school's policy beforehand. 

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