Thursday, April 28, 2011

Texas officers use pepper spray to avoid violence

Police in Brownsville, Texas, recently had to use pepper spray to subdue a pair of suspects after a confrontation became violent. Three people were arrested after the altercation and face charges ranging from interfering with the duties of a public servant to possession of marijuana, The Brownsville Herald reports.

The mid-afternoon incident began when police arrived on the scene to investigate a call about a public disturbance. Once there, they encountered the three suspects - one of whom ran away in an attempt to escape. After he was subdued, another one lunged at the officers, forcing them to use pepper spray to make sure the situation did not escalate any further. The third individual was also hit with pepper spray when she got into the fray.

Pepper spray is a useful tool for law enforcement, but it is also helpful for members of the general public as well. Although it is an effective personal safety tool, individuals should be well-versed on how to use it properly. Experts suggest practicing with the device beforehand to ensure it's used correctly, and if the need ever arises, it should be sprayed in a "x" or "z" pattern.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Two arrested in connection with March home invasion

Authorities have made a second arrest in connection with a mid-March home invasion in Glencoe, Illinois. James E. Meeks and Curtis J. Cobb have been charged in connection with the ransom scheme that involved the kidnapping of a 6-year-old girl, Winnetka-Glencoe Patch reports.

The incident in question occurred on March 14 when Meeks broke into the house of the mother and her daughter and demanded a large amount of cash. He was wearing a mask and threatened the family with a gun. He held the girl hostage until her mother turned over the money, and he also made off with an undisclosed amount of jewelry and electronics.

Individuals looking to boost their home safety may want to take several precautions around their abode. For starters, installing heavy duty locks is a must, as is making use of solid core doors. Those looking for an added layer of security may want to install security cameras or other surveillance software.

Pepper spray is commonly thought of as a personal safety device used outside the house, but it can also be useful in case of an intrusion as well. It will allow homeowners to disable a criminal for enough time to call the police.

Jogger attacked in Minnesota park

In the wake of a recent early-morning attack on a jogger in Woodbury, Minnesota's Markgrafs Lake Park, local police are stepping up patrols until the suspect is found. According to ABC affiliate KTSP, police say they have received tips regarding who was responsible, but they still need more information to find the perpetrator.

A local woman reported being sexually assaulted as she went for a run at around 5:30 a.m. However, she told investigators she was unable to get a good look at her attacker because it was too dark to make out any distinguishing facial features. The news source reports that police were able to retrieve some DNA evidence, but the results will not be back for several weeks.

When going out for a run, joggers should take certain precautions to boost their personal safety. For starters, one should limit distractions such as music - especially when alone. Additionally, running only when it's light out will reduce the risk of becoming a victim of an attack.

For those looking for an extra safety boost, pepper spray is an effective option. The device should be carried in an easy-to-reach location so it can be used quickly if the need ever arises. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Jersey woman stabbed, suspect still on the loose

A Millville, New Jersey, woman was attacked and stabbed recently while walking downtown. Police are still searching for the individual they believe to be responsible for injuring the 40-year-old victim, The News of Cumberland County reports.

The incident occurred on the intersection of the heavily traveled High Street and Mulberry Street, and investigators believe that she was attacked with a knife. Emergency personnel reported that she suffered lacerations to her abdomen, arm and neck and had to be transported to a local hospital by air.

"The victim was slashed with a knife. She managed to get to the Chinese Wok and ask for help, and then she was flown to Cooper [University Hospital]," Lieutenant Edward Zadroga told the news provider.

Those looking for an easy and effective way to improve personal safety may want to buy pepper spray. Experts suggesting carrying it in an easy-to-reach location, such as a keychain, to ensure that it can be used quickly if the need ever arises.

WVU students offered pepper spray class

A West Virginia University organization dedicated to keeping female students safe recently held an event on campus to equip women with the tools to turn back an attacker. Women Against Rape hosted a demonstration called "Mace a Criminal Expertly," which offered instruction on how to effectively and safely use pepper spray, The Daily Athenaeum reports.

Leading the demonstration was a campus police officer, Bobby Maldonado, who allowed himself to be hit with a spray made from alcohol and soap. Although students were practicing on him with imitation pepper spray, he has been hit with the real thing before - and he says the pain is worse than any broken bone he's ever had. Although not all students said they carried pepper spray, most recognized the importance of being prepared.

"Anyone out there can follow you, and you never know what they're going to do, so it's always good to be prepared," freshman Victoria Belfiore told the news source.

Pepper spray is a useful personal safety tool for anyone looking to boost her well-being. However, experts suggest practicing with the device beforehand to ensure that if it ever needs to be used it is done so correctly.  

Monday, April 25, 2011

North Carolina postal worker attacked by five dogs

A postal worker from Catawba, North Carolina, was recently attacked by five pit bull mixes while on her route and was only saved when the animals' owner came to her rescue. The victim suffered significant wounds to her left arm, legs and shoulders and she had to be taken to the hospital, the Hickory Daily Record reports.

The pets belonged to former NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield, and they have all been taken into custody by local animal control officers. The incident started when the victim had to deliver a package that proved to be too big for Mayfield's mailbox, so she decided to leave it at his doorstep. When she exited her vehicle, the dogs attacked, but Mayfield was able to call them off after hearing the commotion.

"It's unbelievable that this happened to her," Thomas Graham, a neighbor of the victim, told the news source. "She's a sweet woman. She's a good neighbor."

For letter carriers and joggers, pepper spray can be a vital personal safety device. When discharged into the face of an aggressive animal, it will make it hard for it to see and breathe, allowing for potential victims to get to safety. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Recent attacks highlight the need for campus safety

Recent events have students at Guilford College in England on edge. In just a matter of one month, the school’s office of public safety has received at least two reports of violence, leaving some concerned about their personal safety.

According to the Guilfordian, the most recent incident occurred when a male student was attacked and robbed in the woods that border the school. The victim, a sophomore, did not sustain any serious injuries, but the mugging has made him more cautious about where he spends his time.

"Ever since then, I've been more suspicious," the student told the news source. "I really do love the woods, but I also realize that it's an impossible space for P-Safe to completely patrol. You need to know when to turn around and walk away."

While some have considered stepping up patrols around the area, school officials believe that the biggest thing students can do is boot their awareness of what’s going on around them.

"We can't protect you from everything - there is also a level of personal responsibility involved," director of public safety Ron Stowe told the news provider.

While being on one’s toes is certainly a good first step, there are a number of other things college students can do to stay safe while out on campus. For starters, when walking alone, experts recommend removing any distractions that might make you an easy target. Turning off your music and ending your phone conversations will ensure that you won’t be off-guard.

Along with staying alert, students should be sure to pay attention to where and when they’re walking. For instance, heading to the ATM at night can make you especially susceptible to becoming the victim of assault and theft.

There are also a number of common sense personal safety precautions that many students may overlook. Specifically, staying on well-lit paths and high-traffic areas is essential, and if you’re considering going on a run or walk through the woods, do so while it’s light out or bring someone to go with.

Of course, prevention is not the only aspect of personal safety you should be concerned about. Self defense is equally important in case you are ever confronted with a dangerous situation. According to a recent study conducted by the Justice Department and Centers for Disease Control, 1.9 million women are attacked each year, so being prepared is crucial.

One of the best ways to protect yourself in the event of an assault or an attack is to buy pepper spray. The device boasts a number of benefits when it comes to personal safety. When it is discharged directly into the face of an attacker, it will make it difficult for them to see and breathe, allowing a potential victim to get to safety.

Although usually very effective, if you do not know how to use pepper spray correctly, your efforts will all be for naught. Experts recommend carrying it an easy-to-reach location, such as a keychain, so that it can quickly be taken out if the need ever arises. Furthermore, like any personal safety device, it requires practice to use correctly. Being able to confidently take out pepper spray when the time comes will not only keep you more level-headed, but will also protect you from the possibility of suffering injuries, or worse. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ohio police shoot, kill aggressive pit bull

Police in Kettering, Ohio, captured one dog and killed another they believed to be responsible for terrorizing a local neighborhood. Authorities say the animals severely injured a 32-year-old man who sustained significant lacerations to his right arm, the Dayton Daily News reports.

It's not the first time that the pair of pit bulls had been involved in an incident either. According to the news source, the animals had previously attacked one of the victims several years ago as well. This time, the police encountered one of the dogs in a resident's backyard, at which point it aggressively charged at the officer, leaving him no choice but to fire his weapon in self defense.

"This type of incident isn't common for us at all," Burke said. "I can't recall one where [a Kettering officer] had to discharge a firearm at a dog in the past few years."

Individuals looking for a non-lethal way to protect themselves against aggressive animals may want to consider buying pepper spray as an animal repellent. The device can be used effectively from up to 10 feet away, offering plenty of distance to keep the user safe. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Woman needs plastic surgery after dog bite

An unusual dog attack in Ottawa, Canada, left Anne Riel, a greeter at The Home Depot, needing plastic surgery. The owner of a shih tzu has been charged in connection with the incident after her pet bit off part of the employee's nose, the Toronto Sun reports.

Although the store has a no pets policy, it often looks the other way. Riel required at least seven stitches to stop the bleeding at first, and plastic surgeons say they will need at least three more surgeries to return the nose back to normal. The elderly owner of the offending dog was fined $610 for the attack and has to keep her pet muzzled when it's out in public, but for the victim, it may not be enough.

"I'm happy with [the action against the owner], but then what happens to the dog?" Riel said Monday.

Those looking to protect themselves from the possibility of a dog attack may want to buy pepper spray or animal repellent. The device can be used from as far as 10 feet away and can temporarily disable a dog who may pose a threat.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Washburn University hosts personal safety fair

Officials at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas, recently held a fair to boost awareness of personal safety around the campus. The event was open to everyone from students to staff and offered tips on both personal safety and property protection, ABC affiliate KTKA reports.

The fair, which featured a number of prominent guests, was sponsored by the Washburn Student Government Association in conjunction with the 2011 Leadership Greater Topeka class. Most notably, the state's attorney general Derek Schmidt and Topeka police chief Ron Miller made an appearance for the cause. While the event included a number of presentations, student resource officer Sheri Jackson said there was one big takeaway message.

"You know, if you see something out, go up and politely say, 'hey, you know, this could happen to you.' You know, it's just helping to get the awareness out," she told the news source.

College students looking to boost their personal safety while on campus may want to buy pepper spray. When used correctly, the device can make it difficult for an attacker to see and breathe, allowing a victim to get to safety.  

Monday, April 18, 2011

South Carolina police offer safety tips after attack

In light of a recent attack on a woman in Orangeburg County, South Carolina, local police have warned area residents to take extra care when it comes to personal safety. There are a number of things that individuals can do to prevent becoming the victim of an attack, but according to The Times and Democrat, officers say that having a plan can go a long way.

Statistics show that the number of women assaulted each year has risen from one in eight to about one in five, and Melonie Anderson, a sergeant with the South Carolina Highway Patrol, says that being prepared is crucial.

"If somebody grabs you from the front, how are you going to deal with that?" she told the news source. "Again, having a plan is better than having no plan."

Anderson also suggested using makeshift weapons, such as keys, pens or other items, to fend off an attacker. However, pepper spray is specially designed to protect one's personal safety and can be carried and used just as easily. Experts recommend keeping the device in an easy-to-reach location so that it can be discharged quickly if the need ever arises. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Australian police arrest man after attack

Police in Kilkenny, Australia, arrested a man in connection with a brutal assault on a 20-year-old woman. The victim suffered serious head injuries after being struck from behind by a large rock, according to Sky News.

Authorities say that they arrested a 30-year-old man for the crime, and he has been charged with aggravated cause harm and another outstanding parole offense. The incident occurred sometime around midnight when the victim was walking alone down the street. The suspect then hit the victim with a large rock, but witnesses were unable to provide a description of the man.

"The woman suffered serious head injuries and was taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital for treatment. However, injuries are not believed to be life threatening," police told the news provider.

Individuals looking to get a boost in personal safety while walking around late at night may want to buy pepper spray. Experts recommend practicing with the device so that it can be used effectively if ever the need arises.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Police use pepper spray after DUI arrest

A routine DUI stop turned into a violent exchange recently when police in Bonita, Florida, had to use pepper spray. Authorities for the Lee County Sheriff's office were tipped off to a car driving erratically, but the situation soon escalated after they pulled over the mini van, The News-Press reports.

The incident began when deputy Robert Hamer pulled over the vehicle, which was weaving into the shoulder and the center lane. By the time the driver finally pulled over it had been two miles, and when Hamer asked for her license and registration, she struggled to find them. After she failed a sobriety test, Hamer became unruly when she was placed in the back of the police cruiser.

According to the news source, she began cursing and spitting at Hamer once she was put in the back of the cruiser. He informed her that if she continued, he would have to use pepper spray. She did not stop, and he had to use the device to subdue her.

While pepper spray is used by police to control unruly criminals, it can also be used by the public to boost personal safety. When sprayed into the face of a potential attacker, it can make it difficult for them to see and breathe, allowing for a victim to make an escape. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mississippi police offer personal safety, defense class

Although being prepared with self defense tactics is important to boosting one's personal safety, avoiding dangerous situations is even more imperative. With that in mind, police in Natchez, Mississippi, are holding a seminar aimed at equipping people with the knowledge to protect themselves and increase awareness, the Natchez Democrat reports.

The two hour class is aimed primarily at women, as the organizers said they are targeted more often by potential attackers. According to the news source, one violent crime occurs every five seconds in the United States, and the officers teaching the class hopes that similar events will help reduce that number.

"The goal of this program is to empower women with tools to maintain personal safety and to successfully confront and survive potentially dangerous situations," a sheriff’s office press release said.

Along with tips such as avoidance techniques and how to used improvised weapons, a subsequent class will offer advice on how to use self defense devices. One especially effective item is pepper spray. When discharged into the face of an attacker, it will make it difficult for them to see and breathe, allowing a victim to get to safety.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Pepper spray ends tense standoff in Washington

Police in Spokane, Washington, recently used pepper spray to bring a potentially dangerous situation to an end. Officers encountered a suicidal man holding a loaded gun to his wife but eventually surrendered to police without incident, ABC affiliate KXLY reports.

Authorities were called to the house of 41-year-old James Vandyke around 7:30 p.m. and encountered the hostage situation. Despite numerous orders from police to drop the gun and let his wife go, Vandyke refused. Even though he eventually released his wife from the house, he still would not come out and refused to drop the gun.

After they obtained a search warrant and saw that negotiations were going nowhere, the police decided to take action, the news source reports. They discharged pepper spray into the home, which forced Vandyke out and allowed him to be taken into custody.

Though pepper spray is a vital non-lethal part of police officers' arsenals, it can also be a useful personal safety tool for the general public. Experts recommend practicing beforehand so that if it ever needs to be used, it can be discharged correctly. 

Florida boy injured while shielding brother from dog attack

A 7-year-old boy from Homestead, Florida, was seriously injured recently while protecting two younger children from a dog attack. Despite suffering wounds to his head, shoulders and arms, he shielded his 4-year-old brother and a friend from the brunt of the bites, The Miami Herald reports.

The attack started when the three boys were outside playing at around 7 p.m. The German Shepherd escaped from a nearby building and without any provocation lunged at the trio of kids. Eventually, the boys' father was able to scare off the dog with a shovel, but not before one of his sons acted bravely.

"Upon seeing the dog attack, the 7-year-old grabbed his brother and his brother's friend, the other 4-year-old, throwing them underneath a vehicle, and shielding them from the attacking dog," police spokesperson Fernando Morales told the news source.

Although a shovel may be an effective animal repellent, pepper spray is even more so. When discharged into the face of an attacking canine, it will make it difficult for the animal to see and breathe, allowing a victim to get to safety. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Teenage jogger attacked by trio of men

A 19-year-old man in Linton, England, was attacked recently as he jogged through the local streets. Police say that three men approached the victim and caused minor harm to him before fleeing, Cambridge News reports.

The incident occurred around 8:30 p.m. while the victim was on a run near the village college. Police say he was stopped and then assaulted by three men, all of whom were wearing dark clothing with their faces covered. Police are looking for any leads as to the identity of the suspects.

"I would like to hear from anyone who has any information about this incident or the men involved," detective Ian Butcher told the news source.

Those who like to go jogging late at night may want to take several personal safety precautions. In addition to wearing reflective clothing and removing any distractions, buying pepper spray can be a smart choice. Keeping the device in an easy-to-reach location while out for a run will make it readily available if the need ever arises.  

Australian woman attacked by a trio of dogs

A woman in Central Australia was injured recently when she was the victim of a vicious dog attack while attempting to help out another. The victim suffered puncture wounds to her shoulders and upper body, and the incident underscores a growing problem of dog attacks in that region, ABC News reports.

The attack began when the woman came across a canine that had its head stuck in an fence. As she attempted to free the animal, investigators say three other dogs began to attack. Police officers had to put down at least one of the dogs, and a local vet says that there may have to be stricter laws when it comes to controlling potentially aggressive animals.

"What we need is community negotiated by-laws [and] some restrictions on dog numbers that are accepted by the community that can then be enforced," vet Ted Donelan told the news source.

Those who live in the area of a potentially vicious dog may want to take a step toward protecting themselves by purchasing animal repellent or pepper spray. The device can be used from a distance of up to 10 feet away. The victim suffered puncture wounds to her shoulders and upper body, and the incident underscores a growing problem of dog attacks in that region, ABC News reports.

California woman fights off attacker with pepper spray

A woman in Escondido, California, escaped serious injury recently by using pepper spray to turn back an attacker. The 25-year-old victim was approached by a knife-wielding assailant whom police are still searching for, the San Diego Union Tribune reports.

According to investigators, the woman was walking near her apartment complex between 11 p.m. and midnight when the man approached her from behind. Authorities told the news source that she was pushed to the ground and that the man attempted to cut off her pants with his knife. However, she pulled out her pepper spray and discharged the device into the man's face.

After being hit with pepper spray, the man fled and the woman was left only with minor injuries that did not require hospitalization. Authorities are asking the general public to come forward with any information they have regarding the suspect, who is described as having a large, darkly-colored birth mark on the right side of his neck.

Individuals looking to boost their personal safety may want to buy pepper spray. However, experts recommend practicing with the device before using it so that if it ever has to be used, it will be done so effectively. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Pizza man robbed in Texas

A pizza delivery man in Waco, Texas, recently got much more than he bargained for after he left the store. Police say two men knocked the employee unconscious and then robbed him, CBS affiliate KYTX reports.

The incident occurred at night when the victim, a Domino's employee, left the store to make a delivery at what appeared to be a legitimate address. However, upon arriving at the location, he discovered that there was no house - just an open field. According to the news source, two men approached him and knocked him in the head. After he was on the ground, the two men stole the delivery man's money as well as the pizza.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the robbery and other violent crime rate has been declining since 1994, but is still at a significant level. In 2009, there were about 16.9 instances per 1,000 people in the United States.

Whether one is a pizza delivery person or a mail carrier, pepper spray can be a great way to boost personal safety. Experts suggest keeping the device in an easy-to-reach location so that it can be used quickly if it ever becomes necessary.

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