Thursday, March 17, 2011

English boy's quick thinking prevents robbery

A 12-year-old boy in Bristol, England, managed to thwart a would-be burglar thanks to some quick thinking and a cool head. Police arrived on the scene and arrested the 19-year-old intruder before he could take any valuables, the Bristol Evening Post reports.

The attempted robbery occurred around 2 p.m. when Tyler Wilson was home alone waiting for his brother to come in. When the burglar broke in, Wilson fled to a spare room, grabbed a phone and called his mother, who then alerted the authorities. Soon after, police arrived on the scene and apprehended the suspect while he was trying to take the family's television.

"I saw that the guy was outside trying to get in, but he didn't see me," he told the news source. "I don't remember being too scared - I just thought, I have to phone mum and hide, and not make any noise,"

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