Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Experts to host personal safety seminar in Michigan

Experts in Wyandotte, Michigan, are preparing to host a class that they hope will give people the tools to avoid being the victim of a physical attack. The Refuse to be a Victim seminar is part of an initiative headed by the National Rifle Association to improve personal safety and awareness, Wyandotte Patch reports.

The event is hosted by Lisa Orick-Martinez, a regional training counselor for the NRA. The lesson is beneficial to a wide breadth of people, organizers say, including teenagers, single people living alone and those who like to travel. The class will cover a number of areas including the psychology of criminals and personal safety devices.

"This workshop will give people techniques to make them less likely to be a victim or target of crime," Orick-Martinez told the news source. "We want people to be safe, but not terrified."

Citizens looking to boost their personal safety may want to purchase pepper spray. When discharged into the face of a potential attacker, the device will temporarily disable them and allow a victim to get to safety.  

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