Thursday, March 10, 2011

Indiana woman released from hospital after home invasion

A woman from Columbus, Indiana, was recently released from the hospital after being the victim of a brutal home invasion that left her injured. Police are still searching for a suspect that allegedly attacked her with a crowbar while she and her two young children slept, The Republic reports.

According to authorities, the victim awoke to find herself seriously injured and called the police. The woman was then taken to the hospital and investigators determined that that her residence had been broken into and had some items stolen from it. According to the news source, not much is known regarding who the attacker was,ac and detectives are still searching for leads.

Those looking to improve their home safety can take several steps to do so. In addition to investing in a good home alarm system and a solid core door, experts suggest having a well-lit exterior so that there is no place for potential intruders to hide.

Those looking for an added boost may want to buy pepper spray. When sprayed into the face of an attacker, this device makes it difficult for them to see and breathe and can allow a victim to get to safety. 

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