Friday, March 18, 2011

Texas home invasion leaves police looking for suspects

A mother and daughter in Corpus Christi, Texas, were the victims of a home invasion recently. However, despite breaking into the residence, the burglar did not take anything, leaving police confused as to his motives, the Corpus Christi Caller-Times reports.

Police arrived on the scene at 5:26 a.m., and the woman told investigators that a gunman entered the residence when she opened the door, thinking it was her mother. According to the news source, the man forced his way into the apartment and threatened to shoot the woman and her daughter if they did not comply. After rummaging through some of their belongings, the man left without taking anything.

Home safety experts recommend a number of ways to prevent such an invasion from happening. For starters, homeowners should always use their peep hole before letting someone in. Additionally, investing in heavy duty locks and a solid core door will prevent someone from barging in.

Those looking for an added boost in home safety will want to buy pepper spray. The device can turn back an intruder by making it difficult for them to see and breathe.  

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