Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Woman fights back attacker in Ohio parking lot

A woman in West Chester Township, Ohio, was recently attacked in a parking lot but managed to escape potential abduction. The victim was reaching into her backseat when the attack occurred, but police told the Middletown Journal that her quick-thinking action may have saved her from further harm.

The incident happened around 8:20 p.m. when the attacker grabbed the victim from behind and told her to be quiet. However, she was not about to go without a fight. The 21-year-old woman created a scene and the attacker fled in the opposite direction. Investigators said she made the right move.

"In this instance, it was the right option," sergeant Matt Trombragel told the news source. "She fought back, created a commotion and went for help. I think what spooked him is she took the offensive and fought back."

One of the most effective ways to fight back against an attacker is to use pepper spray. Experts suggest carrying the device in an easy-to-reach location, such as a keychain, so that it can be used quickly when needed.  

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