Friday, March 11, 2011

Australian police offer personal safety tips

Police in Boondall, Australia, are urging residents to take appropriate steps to improve their personal safety while out and about. The initiative is led by Brisbane North crime prevention coordinator sergeant Leanne Eggins, who shared several tips with the public on how to stay safe, the Northside Chronicle reports.

Eggins said that one of the most effective ways to stay out of trouble is to project an appearance of confidence. Similarly, being aware of one's surroundings is ideal as it will prevent being taken by surprise. If possible, she recommends walking with a friend or animal companion. She also said that choosing where one walks is crucial.

"When out and about appear confident, self assured and comfortable in your surroundings through strong, positive body language," Eggins told the news source." Use well lit roads and paths where you are visible and where surrounding areas are visible to you and other people."

Residents may also want to buy pepper spray to serve as an added safety measure. Experts advise practicing with the device to ensure that if it never needs to be used, it is done correctly.

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