Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Awareness, preparedness key for spring break travel safety

As many high schools and college students across the United States take off on spring break trips, personal safety is of the utmost concern. Traveling in a foreign country certainly has its benefits, but experts warn not to ignore the importance of being aware of one's well-being while abroad. The Evansville Courier Press recently shared some travel safety tips for spring breakers.

There should be several precautions taken before students even leave. While it may seem like common sense, traveling lightly in terms of money and other valuables is recommended. Additionally, leaving pertinent travel information with someone at home, such as the location of the hotel and a rough itinerary, is good insurance should anything happen.

According to the news source, students should try to stay in groups of at least three while out and about. Additionally, awareness of one's surroundings is especially important.

Those looking for a way to boost their personal safety while on a trip may want to buy pepper spray. The device can be an effective deterrent against attackers, but travelers should follow all FAA guidelines while carrying it.  

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