Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Long Island jogger groped while running in Old Field

Many people choose to run as their main form of exercise, but this can be dangerous, especially when joggers fail to carry protective gear with them outdoors. Assailants typically target runners because they are ill-prepared for an attack.

This was recently the case in Long Island when a 23-year-old woman was jogging in Old Field, according to the Long Island Press. The individual was allegedly groped by a man running in the opposite direction who had stopped her to ask a question.

"The man then ran behind her, grabbed her with one arm while groping her inappropriately with the other hand," police told the news source.

A vehicle approached the scene, which resulted in the attacker running to avoid being caught. The witness in the vehicle then proceeded to provide assistance to the jogger who had been assaulted. This incident occurred just one week after another man had been arrested for raping a jogger less than 20 miles away.

Although many joggers rarely carry protective devices with them while running, pepper spray is ideal for increasing personal safety. When used, it can temporarily cause blindness in an assailant and give a victim the chance to run away.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Household cat killed by coyote in New Orleans

Although many people think they could never run into a coyote in a populated area, a number of wild animals are being forced into neighborhoods due to their habitats being destroyed. As a result, more humans and their pets are being confronted with coyotes, which can be dangerous without adequate protection on hand.

In New Orleans, the number of coyote sightings have sharply decreased as of late, according to The Times-Picayune. However, one incident recently occurred in the Harahan area involving a coyote and a household cat. Unfortunately, the feline was killed when it came across an aggressive coyote.

Although these instances are not as common in Harahan these days, animal experts are still attempting to raise awareness of the presence of coyotes. These animals, which are primarily active at night, are prone to attacking household pets that might venture outdoors during these hours. Experts recommend keeping all pets inside when the sun sets.

Individuals who want to increase their pet safety might want to buy pepper spray. When used properly, it can temporarily blind a wild animal and give a victim the chance to run for safety.

Fines increase for animal ordinance violations in Hazel Park

Although many dog owners allow their pets to roam free from time to time in an open space, it can result in an attack on a stranger, regardless of how mellow the animal is. Individuals who have neighbors with dogs that are constantly unleashed are also at risk of an attack.

In an effort to control the growing problem in Hazel Park, Michigan, legislators have raised the fines for people who disregard the animal control ordinance, according to The Daily Tribune. The change comes after a dog recently attacked a two-year-old toddler in the area.

"This was a vicious dog-bite case," City Attorney Jan Drumm told the news source. "The boy's arm will have permanent nerve damage. The mother’s leg was mauled and she still has to go back for several operations for skin grafts."

The violation, which once resulted in a $100 fine, will now be $500. Every incident that occurs after that point will result in a $1000 fine.

Pepper spray can increase personal safety and subdue an aggressive animal in the event of an attack. When sprayed in the face of a dog, it can cause temporary blindness.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

South Carolina landlord may face charges for dog bite incident

Many landlords do not allow their tenants to have animals, and with good reason. Not only can they damage an apartment, but they can be dangerous to those living in the building, especially when the animal is not restrained.

This happened to be the case in 2003 when a dog attacked a 2-year-old child in Sumter County, South Carolina, according to the Associated Press. After the dog aggressively confronted the toddler, the family was forced to spend $17,000 in medical bills.

Recently, the South Carolina Supreme Court decided that the case will be sent to a lower court to determine if the landlord should be charged for the incident. The individual allegedly knew that the dog, which had lived in the building for 10 years, had attacked people before.

Although many people assume that they could never be the victim of an attack by a neighbor's dog, these instances happen everyday. Those who want to increase their personal safety might want to buy pepper spray. When used properly, it can temporarily blind an aggressive animal and give a victim the chance to seek help.

Park City residents see an increase in dog bites

It's not uncommon for animals to turn aggressive when they feel threatened by humans, and even domesticated pets are prone to attacking strangers. However, many people believe that their furry friends could never cause injury to another person.

A handful of incidents in Park City, Utah, has proved just how unpredictable animals can be. Recently, a number of dog bites have been reported in the area, causing injuries to some of the victims. One man was attacked while working by a dog that had escaped from its home, according to The Park Record. In a similar incident, a German Shepherd bit an individual and may have caused injuries to another dog.

The police blotter has been full of reports, though the details of these events have been sparse. Animal Control was recently brought in to the area when two aggressive dogs were spotted off of their leashes. Another incident involved a 13 year-old boy, which was said to have suffered a bite from a dog that could not be controlled by its owner.

Individuals who are interested in increasing their personal safety against aggressive animals may want to purchase pepper spray. When used properly, it can temporarily blind an attacker and give a victim the chance to flee.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pit bulls attack a man, cause serious injuries

Although many people are concerned for their personal safety when approached by their neighbor's aggressive dogs, animal control often takes little action before it's too late. This was recently the case in California when one man was attacked by dogs that he knew were a threat to the community, according to NBC affiliate KGET-TV.

Michael McGee was cornered by his neighbor's pit bulls one evening and tried to get away by jumping a fence. Although he did not attempt to fight the dogs, they proceeded to attack him. The injuries forced him to seek medical attention at a nearby hospital.

"I didn't know what to do, I was backing up and I took my glasses that I had and threw it at the dog, and it kept coming at me," McGee told the news source.

McGee has reported the dogs to animal control on numerous occasions, but nothing had been addressed until the recent incident.

Individuals who are interested in increasing their personal safety might want to purchase pepper spray. When used properly, it can temporarily blind an animal and give a victim the chance to flee to safety.

Atlanta woman threatened by man with a hammer while jogging

Although many people enjoy jogging as their main form of exercise, running outside can sometimes prove to be a dangerous feat. This is because runners do not tend to carry items for protection while exercising in public areas.

Recently, one woman in Atlanta was approached by a dangerous man on a trail at the Freedom Parkway, according to FOX affiliate FOX-5 News. He threatened to rape the jogger, which prompted her to run from the individual. The attacker began to follow her up the trail until she found other joggers to run to for help.

"I didn't know what was wrong," Tyler Swann, who assisted the jogger, told the news source. "So I asked her how can I help? She said I just got attacked someone tried to assault me."

Swann gave the woman water and proceeded to call 911. When the police arrived, the victim said that the man had a hammer in hand when he threatened to rape her. Although officers did not classify the incident as an attack because she was not physically assaulted, they are warning joggers to keep their eyes peeled while running.

Those who want to increase their personal safety can purchase pepper spray. When used properly, it can temporarily blind an assailant and give a victim the chance to run for help.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Coyotes recently spotted in San Francisco

Although city dwellers could never picture themselves running into a wild animal, many creatures have been forced into metropolises from their natural habitats as a result of construction. This happens to be the case in San Francisco where more people are coming into contact with coyotes, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Recently, wild coyotes have been spotted around the city, one of which even had to be shot and killed at a local park. Many residents are asking public officials to take protective measures, but wildlife experts say that coyotes are here to stay.

"The whole nation is having problems with coyotes," Kent Smirl, a Department of Fish and Game lieutenant, told the news source.

Almost anything can be considered food for coyotes, including cats and dogs. Many residents have reported animals going missing, and coyote experts say that it is no coincidence.

Those who want to increase pet safety and protect themselves against wild animals might want to buy pepper spray. When used properly, it can temporarily blind a coyote and give an individual the chance to flee to safety.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

More animal experts warning of dog attacks

Many people are under the assumption that dogs are harmless, domesticated animals. While that may be true in a number of cases, a threatened dog may feel the need to rely on its instincts and go on the attack when fearful of strangers.

This was recently the case in Sacramento, California, where a child was attacked by a pit bull that had gotten loose, according to ABC affiliate News 10. Although the individual survived the attack, more animal professionals are attempting to raise awareness of the dangerous side of dogs.

Plastic surgeon, Amy Wandel, told the news source that she sees many patients come through her office after suffering from such attacks.

"I see just as many dog bites from dogs that are not pit bulls as bites from pit bulls," Wandel told the news source. "The big difference is pit bulls are known to grab onto something and keep holding so their damage they create is worse than other breeds."

Individuals who are interested in increasing their personal safety are advised to take precautionary measures and purchase pepper spray for protection. When used properly, it can temporarily subdue an aggressive dog.

Woman suing campground owners from dog attack

Although dogs can be man's best friend, they can cause a substantial amount of damage when they feel threatened and go on the attack. This was the case for one woman who is now suing a couple after their dog unexpectedly bit her.

Recently, Jessica Barker was attacked by an aggressive dog owned by Christopher and Rebecca Ogden, according to The West Virginia Record. The owners operate the Bruceton Mills campground, which is where the dog often resides. Barker was visiting the campground when the animal unexpectedly attacked her.

According to the lawsuit, Barker is claiming that the wounds have caused physical pain and suffering, permanent impairment and mental anguish. She also says that the dog has allegedly attempted to attack other people on the campground before.

Barker claims that the owners knew that the dog was aggressive. In the lawsuit, she also says that they were "reckless" and "willful" in their behavior.

Individuals who want to increase their personal safety against animals may want to purchase pepper spray. When used properly, it can temporarily blind an attacker and give a victim the chance to run away.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Victim of dog attack receives support from the local community

It isn't uncommon for untamed dogs to attack people who are unfamiliar to them, but it can become a dangerous situation when they assault vulnerable individuals, such as elderly people and small children.

Brandon Williams, a 10-year-old boy from Tennessee, is lucky to be alive after a recent attack by two aggressive dogs. Currently, Williams is in the hospital for wounds throughout his body. The boy had his ears torn from his head in the incident, according to KnoxNews.com.

Since word of the attack has spread, Williams and his family have seen the community come together in hope of the boy's full recovery. Many strangers have sent get well soon cards and toys to the family, along with their best wishes.

"One woman made a quilt for him and dropped it at the hospital," hospital spokesman Jim Ragonese told the news source. "Someone else came in and brought the little guy Bug Juice after they read about how he liked it in the newspaper this weekend."

Individuals who want to increase their personal safety can buy pepper spray. When used properly, it can temporarily blind an aggressive animal and give a victim the chance to run away.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Pepper spray may effectively ward off wild animals

When people think of increasing their personal safety with pepper spray, they often assume that they will need to use it in the event of an attack by another human. However, aggressive animals can be just as dangerous and sometimes even more so than other human beings.

Recently, a group of campers were attacked in New Jersey in their own tents, according to The Wall Street Journal. A black bear came across the individuals who were staying in the woods along the Appalachian Trail and quickly became aggressive. It tried to grab one of the boys out of the tent before camp counselors could call for help.

The bear fled shortly after the initial attack, but attempted to raid the camp once again just moments later. Wildlife officials shot the animal in the neck before it ran into the woods. This instance is one example of when carrying an animal repellent or pepper spray might be necessary in an area where wild animals reside.

Black bears are not the only animals that have a history of becoming aggressive, however. Another animal in the same family, the grizzly bear, is renowned for causing harm when coming into contact with humans.

In 2004, one man who was hiking through Yellowstone Park came face-to-face with a female grizzly bear and her cubs that soon resulted in a violent struggle, according to The Denver Post. Denton Turner was viewing birds when he was approached by the bear that began to attack him upon feeling threatened.

As soon as the bear started to aggressively pursue him, Turner played dead in the fetal position on the ground. The animal clawed at him and bit him once before walking away, but he lives to tell the story today.

"I never felt pain at all during the whole encounter," Turner told the news source. "I just laid there as long as possible. I don't think I panicked until blood started appearing in my shirt."

Today, Turner spends his time informing other campers of things to avoid while spending time in the woods. It is important to keep all food tucked away where it cannot attract animals. Keeping pepper spray on hand can also be beneficial in the event of an attack.

Yellowstone National Park is one of the country's greatest natural treasures and a popular place for outdoor enthusiasts. However, Turner is not the only one who has ever endured an attack while visiting the forest.

Recently, a man was attacked while at the Park by a grizzly bear that had a reputation for approaching humans for food. The animal had regularly been given food by park visitors and had become accustomed to eating in this fashion.

Although the grizzly bear was only four years old, it weighed 258 pounds and posed a serious threat to the man it attacked at Yellowstone Park. He threw his backpack at the animal, which distracted it long enough for him to run away. When park officials arrived, they euthanized the animal which had a history of approaching humans.

Wildlife experts encourage campers to make sure that all of their food is properly secured while visiting the woods and warn against feeding the animals. Those who want to increase their personal safety can purchase pepper spray as another precautionary measure. When used properly, it can temporarily blind an animal and give an individual the opportunity to run to safety. It can be especially effective when approached by an aggressive animal, such as a bear. 

Bear attacks jogger in Montana

Oftentimes, pepper spray is used to ward off an intruder or attacker in an unexpected situation. However, it can be used in the event of an emergency upon coming across an aggressive animal as well.

Joggers are often on alert to potential attackers while running, regardless of the time of day. Unfortunately, the aggressor was a bear in the instance of one 24 year-old woman in Montana, according to NBC affiliate News-6.

The victim was running on a path and happened to come across a mother bear and her cubs. The bear began to swipe at the jogger, who used her arms to protect her head. Although she was shaken up and mildly wounded, she was able to drive herself to the hospital.

Although bears don't commonly harass joggers, any aggressive animal may be prone to attacking an individual upon being threatened.

Joggers are encouraged to buy pepper spray to increase their personal safety on a regular basis. Not only can it temporarily blind a human, but it can slow down an animal in the event of an attack.

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