Sunday, February 20, 2011

Police: Trust instincts in dangerous situation

Police officers in Sioux City, Iowa, are making a push to promote personal safety, and one of them recently discussed the topic with NBC affiliate KTIV. There are a number of precautions one can take to maintain his or her well-being, but law enforcement officials say the most important thing to remember is to trust one's instincts.

The increase for discussions about personal safety stems from a recent incident where a woman was assaulted after a man kicked in her door. Police say that the homeowner tried to ignore it when the man pounded on her door but he forced his way in. Experts say she should not have ignored the situation.

"Get help coming right away, call 911 regardless of what's going on." officer Jeremy McClure told the news source. "If you feel like you're in danger get help coming get us notified so we can can get there and help you out as soon as possible."

Along with trusting instincts, one way to improve home safety is to use pepper spray. When used correctly, the device can make it difficult for an attacker to see and breathe, allowing a victim to get to safety.

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