Monday, February 28, 2011

Illinois police shoot two dogs after attack on woman

Police in Evansville, Indiana, recently shot and killed two dogs after they attacked a woman. Authorities are still looking for two other dogs who were also involved in the mauling, The Associated Press reports.

The woman was walking near a park when the pack of dogs approached and knocked her to the ground. A group of bystanders noticed the melee and called the police. Authorities arrived on the scene and a pair of the animals were killed.

The victim, who was a 48-year-old woman, sustained many bite wounds across much of her body, though none of her injuries are life threatening, police told the news source.

If a dog seems ready to attack, experts suggest remaining motionless with arms at one’s sides while avoiding eye contact.

Those who are concerned about an aggressive dog in their neighborhood may want to consider taking a step to protect themselves by buying pepper spray. When sprayed into the face of a canine, the spray will make it difficult to see and breathe and can be an effective animal repellent.  

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