Thursday, February 24, 2011

Man in England jailed after dog attack

A man in Staffordshire, England, was recently sentenced to three years behind bars for his role in a dog attack that left another man seriously injured. The two individuals had been in an argument, and the dog owner failed to call off his animal when it began the onslaught, BBC News reports.

What began as a dispute quickly escalated and the victim, Shaun Murray, sustained substantial injury to his skin due to puncture wounds. The judge in the case believes that the 25-year-old owner of the dog used his animal as a weapon.

"It is clear from what has been said to me that you had the power to call off this dog at any point and you did not do so," the city's sheriff Graeme Buchanan told the man, according to the news source. "The dog caused horrific injuries to the complainer."

Those who live near an aggressive animal may want to buy pepper spray to protect themselves. When used correctly, the device can compromise a canine's sight and ability to breathe, allowing victims to get away safely.

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