Monday, February 14, 2011

Arizona town enacts new law to hold dog owners responsible after attack

Dog owners in Sierra Vista, Arizona, would be wise to keep tabs on their dog in the light of a recently passed law. The the town enacted a piece of legislation that holds dog owners responsible for any harm that may come to postal workers as a result of a dog attack, the Sierra Vista Herald reports.

The stance is a change of policy for the town, who used to take care of any medical bills faced by mail carries. However, now the owners of the dog will have to compensate the employees, according to the news outlet. Some other towns and cities, such as Tempe, have made changes to their mail delivery in the wake up dog attacks.

"We need dogs restrained behind a fence or chained," postmaster Myra Ridgeway told the news source.

Mail carriers, or those who live in a neighborhood with an aggressive dog, may want to consider carrying pepper spray as a way to protect themselves. The device has proven to be an effective way to keep an attacking canine at bay, and can allow a potential victim to get to safety.  

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