Monday, February 7, 2011

Pair of Ohio officers teaching personal safety class

After Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot at a public event earlier this year, many lawmakers and officials became concerned for their personal safety. In an effort to equip them with the knowledge to avoid such an incident, a pair of Ohio police offers recently shared some tips, NBC affiliate WCMH reports

The pointers are provided by veteran officers Tom Notturniano and Denny Palmentera, and are focused on giving people the ability to see and recognize potential signs of dangers. They maintain that a lot of the injuries at the Arizona shooting were due to the fact many people did not know how to respond.

"When you are put into a life and death situation, your brain is going to go to the last thing that you can think about to save your life: fight or flight, training and you'll hear police officers talk about that all the time," Notturniano told the news source.

Those who are looking for another way to boost their personal safety should consider carrying pepper spray. When discharged into the eyes of an attacker, the device can make it difficult for them to see and breathe and allow a potential victim to get to safety.

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