Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Security guard uses pepper spray to turn back burglars

Two burglars attempted to rob what they thought was an empty house in Lehigh Acres, Florida, but were met with a rude welcome. The previous homeowners had hired Chris Atchley, an armed guard, to watch over the place while it was for sale, a decision which turned out to be a smart one, ABC affiliate WZVN reports.

The move to hire Atchley was made after burglars kept stealing from other homes up for sale by a local realtor. They apparently had enough, and having Atchley there, equipped with everything from pepper spray to a handgun, quickly turned back the would-be robbers.

"I turned the flashlight on their eyes so they couldn't see me. I yelled 'security' and at that exact same time - I pepper sprayed them," Atchley told the new source. "There was no talking. I just flat out sprayed."

While not all homeowners can be lucky enough to have their own personal security guard, pepper spray is a great way to boost home safety. When discharged into the face of an attacker, it can cause temporarily blindness and difficulty breathing.

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