Thursday, May 19, 2011

English woman attacked on her doorstep

A woman from Surrey, England, was attacked at her doorstep by a burglar and sustained several injuries including a knife wound. Police say the 69-year-old victim had just returned to her residence around 6 p.m. when the incident occurred, BBC News reports.

The incident began when the victim opened the door and was immediately pushed backward into her home. In the process, the assailant also slashed her across the arm and inflicted a puncture wound to her stomach. The robber then took her handbag and fled the scene.

According to the news source, police were able to find the bag, but determined that the assailant had stolen about $50 from it. This case highlights the importance of home safety and taking appropriate steps to protecting oneself - even in ones own house.

Those looking to boost their personal safety may want to buy pepper spray. When discharged into the face of an attacker, this compact device will cause temporarily blindness and difficulty breathing. While the potential assailant is incapacitated, it will allow victim to avoid harm and get to safety.

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