Thursday, May 26, 2011

Personal safety film debuts in in Ohio

A short film highlighting the importance of personal safety recently debuted at Phoenix Theatre in Hillcrest, Ohio. The 20-minute movie, titled Heats Without Fear, featured testimony of real-life victims of violent crime urging audience members to be proactive in protecting themselves, Hillcrest Patch reports.

Among the people who shared their stories was a woman who was abducted in a parking lot, but managed to escape when she took over the van she was being transported in. Another individual spoke about how it was her quick thinking that led her to avoid being the victim of a similar crime, as she identified a suspicious individual in a store quickly but managed to avoid his pursuit in the parking lot.

"There is no easy answer," personal safety experts Pat Malone told the news source. "It's all about keeping the problem at long range. Trust your instincts."

Individuals looking for an additional way to boost their personal safety may want to buy pepper spray. Experts suggest carrying the device in an easy-to-reach location, such as a keychain, so it can be grabbed quickly if need be.  

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