Monday, May 16, 2011

Connecticut college student attacked in dorm

A college student from Southern Connecticut State University was attacked inside her dorm recently, prompting school officials to issue a campus wide alert. Police are investigating the early-morning incident which has led some student to take extra precaution, ABC affiliate WTNH reports.

The assault occurred around 4:30 a.m., and police have indicated they arrested two people in connection with the crime. However, not many details were divulged several days after the attack. Still, some students believe that if they take the right steps, personal safety will not be an issue for them.

"I mean, I've walked back from classes. I've walked all over. Down to the gas stations ... nothing ever happened. I mean they have the blue things [emergency alerts] everywhere, so it's pretty safe," student Lindsey Phillips told the news source.

Anybody looking for an additional layer of personal or home safety may want to buy pepper spray. When used correctly, the device can cause temporary blindness in an assailant and allow a victim to escape harm. 

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