Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Homeowner prevents burglary with pepper spray

A homeowner in Omaha, Nebraska, thwarted a potential robbery attempt thanks to some quick thinking and putting a premium on home safety. The suspected burglar was met with a face full of pepper spray upon entering the residence, CBS affiliate KMTV reports.

Police say that the alleged burglar broke the house's window and attempted to climb in. Shortly after making his way into the residence, he was met with a blast of the irritant and had to receive medical treatment.

According to the news source, the 28-year-old suspect is considered to be a floater since he does not have a permanent address. He was arrested although it was not disclosed if he was charged with burglary or attempted burglary.

As this incident shows, pepper spray can be a useful tool for not only safety outside of the house, but inside as well. Experts recommend practicing with the device ahead of time to ensure that if it ever has to be used it is done so correctly.  

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