Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ohio home invasion launches search for suspects

A home invasion in Chillicothe, Ohio, has police searching for the two men they believe to be responsible. The incident has the neighborhood on edge and left a woman and her young son injured in the attack, the Chillicothe Gazette reports.

The break-in occurred around 9:50 p.m. when the pair of men forcefully entered the victim’s house. According to police, they entered through the back door and one of the men hit her in the face. The news source reports that when her five-year-old son approached one of the men shoved him to the ground, injuring his knee and face in the process. They took some electronics including a Nintendo Wii and a laptop before leaving.

There are a number of ways to boost home safety to avoid becoming the victim of a similar incident. For starters, installing solid locks in both the front and back and prevent such an intrusion, and solid core doors can go a long way as well.

Protecting oneself in the event of a break-in is important as well. Pepper spray is an effective way to turn back an attacker, but experts recommend practicing with the device to ensure it is used properly.

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