Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Suspect injured in attempted home invasion

Savannah, Georgia, police found one of three men involved in an attempted home invasion that ended with gunshots, according to WSAV3.

Officers have one man in custody after he and two other assailants tried to rob a man in his front lawn and then followed him into his house at gunpoint.

Once in the home, the intruders kept a gun on a 23-year-old woman and her two-year-old son. While they were being held up, the man who was initially attacked pulled a gun of his own on the suspects and fired on them, the news source said.

When the shots went off, the three suspects fled, though one was hit by a bullet and police found him laying in a vacant lot near the crime scene. According to officials the wounded man wouldn't give up his name, so police took his finger prints to gain access to his identity.

The injured suspect remains in the hospital in critical condition. The two other culprits are currently still on the loose.

An intrusion is a direct invasion of your personal safety. In this case the father used force to stop the situation, although whenever guns are involved, problems can arise. Purchasing pepper spray and keeping it in an easy-to-reach area may be a better option than carrying a firearm as no one will be critically injured with pepper spray, but an effect will made.

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