Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Road rage incident ends with gunshots

A recent case of road rage ended with one in the hospital, according to the Sacramento Bee.

San Francisco police are on the lookout for a suspect involved with the shooting of a city employee after an incident that occurred over a U-turn.

According to reports, a man became enraged after a Department of Parking and Traffic painting truck made a U-turn early in the morning.

Investigators say after he made the U-turn, a man got out of his own vehicle and started cursing at the driver. At this time the suspect pulled out a gun and fired multiple shots at the city employee.

The worker was hit in the shoulder by a bullet, a passenger inside the truck managed to escape the attack without injury. The victim was sent to the hospital and was later released.

When it comes to driving you must always be aware of impending situations. You're in charge of your own personal safety, even if you're not in the wrong. In this incident, it is unclear what jolted the suspect to become so angry, further making his actions completely unpredictable. It might be wise to keep pepper spray in your vehicle in case you're ever faced with a bout of road rage as a way to protect yourself.

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