Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rhode Island woman attacked off local bike path

A man from South Kingston, Rhode Island, was arrested recently in connection with the alleged attack on a woman on a local bike path. The incident is one of several on bike baths in the area over the last several years and places a premium on personal safety, NBC affiliate WJAR reports.

The victim told police that she had met the man earlier in the day, and that she was assaulted by him just off the South County Bike Trial. To prevent similar incidents, local authorities have offered a number of tips to bikers and joggers alike.

"Use the bike path in pairs or groups. Have a cell phone available," Narraganset Police Sergeant Kimberly Hill told the news provider. "There's enhanced 911 that can actually pinpoint their location in the area they would be, even if they feel it is a remote area."

In addition to taking preventative measures to boost your safety, you may also want to buy pepper spray in the event of an attack. Experts suggesting carrying the device in an easy-to-reach location so that if it ever needs to be used it is done so quickly.

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