Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dog attack leaves one injured

One Seattle woman and her dog were serverly attacked after a run in with a pit bull, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

The victim said she had been walking her dachshund when a pit bull charged at them and started attacking the small dog. The victim told the news source she wasn't going to let go of her pet.

During the incident the dog pulled them to the ground and held on biting her and her animal for some time.

Help came in the form to two men who had heard the scuffle, they approached with a stick as a way to break-up the attack. According to the news source, the victim received multiple bruises and puncture wounds to her face and limbs, her dog got an injury on his nose.

Police say a woman stepped forward claiming the dog as her own. She told officers the dog had been a rescue from the pound and had trouble in the past with other dogs but claims the animal had never bitten any people.

Whenever you're out walking your pet, know that you could come in contact with an unruly animal. Staying alert and even purchasing pepper spray to take with you may be a way to avoid such situations from occurring.

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