Thursday, June 23, 2011

Recent home invasion proves need to stay on guard at all times

Fitchburg, Wisconsin, police are on the lookout for three suspects involved in a recent attempted home invasion, according Channel3000 News.

The source reports a man had just parked his vehicle in the underground parking lot of his apartment complex when he was approached by three men, one white male and two black males. The victim said one suspect had also had a gun.

During this incident, the men took the victim's keys and other personal belongings. The victim had recently moved from one apartment to another so he had sets of keys for both residencies.

Two suspects went to the victim's current apartment, while the other invaded his previous home. The new tenants of the previous apartment were awake when the intrusion occurred and confronted the suspect. They told police they were able to tackle the man, but he ultimately got away.

Officers are looking for a white man with curly black hair between five foot eight and five-foot-ten and an overweight black male who had been in all black attire. Both men were wearing masks, none of the victims were able to describe the third assailant.

In this case, a man was caught off-guard while parking his vehicle in a place that's supposed to be safe. It goes to show that even in a private area, you're never out of harms way. His personal safety and the safety of others within this apartment complex was compromised through this attack. Keeping pepper spray in your vehicle may be a way to protect yourself, should this ever happen to you.

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