Monday, August 8, 2011

Bear attacks jogger in Montana

Oftentimes, pepper spray is used to ward off an intruder or attacker in an unexpected situation. However, it can be used in the event of an emergency upon coming across an aggressive animal as well.

Joggers are often on alert to potential attackers while running, regardless of the time of day. Unfortunately, the aggressor was a bear in the instance of one 24 year-old woman in Montana, according to NBC affiliate News-6.

The victim was running on a path and happened to come across a mother bear and her cubs. The bear began to swipe at the jogger, who used her arms to protect her head. Although she was shaken up and mildly wounded, she was able to drive herself to the hospital.

Although bears don't commonly harass joggers, any aggressive animal may be prone to attacking an individual upon being threatened.

Joggers are encouraged to buy pepper spray to increase their personal safety on a regular basis. Not only can it temporarily blind a human, but it can slow down an animal in the event of an attack.

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