Thursday, August 18, 2011

More animal experts warning of dog attacks

Many people are under the assumption that dogs are harmless, domesticated animals. While that may be true in a number of cases, a threatened dog may feel the need to rely on its instincts and go on the attack when fearful of strangers.

This was recently the case in Sacramento, California, where a child was attacked by a pit bull that had gotten loose, according to ABC affiliate News 10. Although the individual survived the attack, more animal professionals are attempting to raise awareness of the dangerous side of dogs.

Plastic surgeon, Amy Wandel, told the news source that she sees many patients come through her office after suffering from such attacks.

"I see just as many dog bites from dogs that are not pit bulls as bites from pit bulls," Wandel told the news source. "The big difference is pit bulls are known to grab onto something and keep holding so their damage they create is worse than other breeds."

Individuals who are interested in increasing their personal safety are advised to take precautionary measures and purchase pepper spray for protection. When used properly, it can temporarily subdue an aggressive dog.

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