Thursday, August 25, 2011

Park City residents see an increase in dog bites

It's not uncommon for animals to turn aggressive when they feel threatened by humans, and even domesticated pets are prone to attacking strangers. However, many people believe that their furry friends could never cause injury to another person.

A handful of incidents in Park City, Utah, has proved just how unpredictable animals can be. Recently, a number of dog bites have been reported in the area, causing injuries to some of the victims. One man was attacked while working by a dog that had escaped from its home, according to The Park Record. In a similar incident, a German Shepherd bit an individual and may have caused injuries to another dog.

The police blotter has been full of reports, though the details of these events have been sparse. Animal Control was recently brought in to the area when two aggressive dogs were spotted off of their leashes. Another incident involved a 13 year-old boy, which was said to have suffered a bite from a dog that could not be controlled by its owner.

Individuals who are interested in increasing their personal safety against aggressive animals may want to purchase pepper spray. When used properly, it can temporarily blind an attacker and give a victim the chance to flee.

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