Thursday, August 18, 2011

Woman suing campground owners from dog attack

Although dogs can be man's best friend, they can cause a substantial amount of damage when they feel threatened and go on the attack. This was the case for one woman who is now suing a couple after their dog unexpectedly bit her.

Recently, Jessica Barker was attacked by an aggressive dog owned by Christopher and Rebecca Ogden, according to The West Virginia Record. The owners operate the Bruceton Mills campground, which is where the dog often resides. Barker was visiting the campground when the animal unexpectedly attacked her.

According to the lawsuit, Barker is claiming that the wounds have caused physical pain and suffering, permanent impairment and mental anguish. She also says that the dog has allegedly attempted to attack other people on the campground before.

Barker claims that the owners knew that the dog was aggressive. In the lawsuit, she also says that they were "reckless" and "willful" in their behavior.

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