Monday, August 29, 2011

Fines increase for animal ordinance violations in Hazel Park

Although many dog owners allow their pets to roam free from time to time in an open space, it can result in an attack on a stranger, regardless of how mellow the animal is. Individuals who have neighbors with dogs that are constantly unleashed are also at risk of an attack.

In an effort to control the growing problem in Hazel Park, Michigan, legislators have raised the fines for people who disregard the animal control ordinance, according to The Daily Tribune. The change comes after a dog recently attacked a two-year-old toddler in the area.

"This was a vicious dog-bite case," City Attorney Jan Drumm told the news source. "The boy's arm will have permanent nerve damage. The mother’s leg was mauled and she still has to go back for several operations for skin grafts."

The violation, which once resulted in a $100 fine, will now be $500. Every incident that occurs after that point will result in a $1000 fine.

Pepper spray can increase personal safety and subdue an aggressive animal in the event of an attack. When sprayed in the face of a dog, it can cause temporary blindness.

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