Friday, July 22, 2011

Police use Taser and pepper spray to subdue Long Island man

Oftentimes, criminals attempt to fight back when approached by the police. When this happens, it is more important than ever for officers to be equipped with the proper gear to handle an offender.

Recently, a man from Greenport, New York, was taken into custody after he attempted to take an officer's gun to use against him an in altercation. Donald Beckley, 57, was causing a disturbance at a local eatery when police were called onto the scene, according to The Suffolk Times. When he was approached by officers, he was quick to resist arrest.

Beckley then attempted to steal an officer's gun from his belt. This left the police with no choice but to use a Taser, as well as pepper spray, to subdue him in the struggle. Beckley was then taken into custody and is now facing a series of charges.

Although police officers are known for using pepper spray, the general public can utilize it well to increase personal safety. When used, pepper spray can cause temporary blindness. This can give a victim the opportunity to flee to safety when in a struggle with a dangerous individual.

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