Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pit bull attacks man and his terrier on a walk in the park

Although personal safety is a concern for most people, individuals with dogs also have a special interest in pet safety. Oftentimes, other animals are the biggest threat to cats and dogs, as seen in a recent incident in Portland, Washington.

On July 17, Todd Wisner took his Scottish terrier out for a walk, only to be viciously attacked by a loose pit bull, according to KATU-TV. Although he managed to get away, his dog's ear was bitten in the incident, and the terrier is now battling an infection.

"This dog ran from across the street out of an unfenced yard and was not restrained in any way, not on a leash and just attacked," Wisner told the news source. "And the pit bull grabbed [my dog] by the head and started thrashing around."

Wisner was not able to chase after the dog, which is still on the loose. He is concerned for the safety of those who frequently visit the park, most of whom are children.

Dog owners who want to make pet safety a priority can buy pepper spray to make sure they are prepared at all times. When sprayed into the face of an animal, it can cause temporarily blindness and allow individuals to flee to safety.

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