Thursday, July 14, 2011

The music stops for a musician who held up a pharmacy in MA

Attleboro, Massachusetts, police had a star encounter recently as they took Coheed and Cambria bassist Michael R. Todd into custody after he robbed a Walgreens pharmacy before a show in a neighboring town, according to The Boston Globe.

According to police reports, the bassist walked into the store and used his cellphone screen to scare the pharmacists into giving him painkillers. The message allegedly stated that he had a bomb in his pocket and that he wanted narcotics - specifically OxyContin.

The court papers also stated that the pharmacist who dealt with Todd said that she was fearful that he would hurt her or one of her coworkers if she didn't cooperate with his demands.

After he was given six bottles of oxycodone, he reportedly fled the scene in a taxi that he took back to the band's venue. Witnesses told police that a man had gotten into a taxi.end Officers called the taxi company and were able to track Todd down. He was found on his tour bus and was arrested.

He's being charged with armed robbery and drug possession charges.

In this situation, a threat occurred and the worker did what she needed to do to maintain her personal safety and the safety of her fellow employees. Walking alone or walking at night is another time when you could be made a target for a robbery or an assault. Carrying pepper spray could enhance your security as a way to ward of an assailant should you be faced with an attempted robbery.

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