Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Woman needs plastic surgery after dog bite

An unusual dog attack in Ottawa, Canada, left Anne Riel, a greeter at The Home Depot, needing plastic surgery. The owner of a shih tzu has been charged in connection with the incident after her pet bit off part of the employee's nose, the Toronto Sun reports.

Although the store has a no pets policy, it often looks the other way. Riel required at least seven stitches to stop the bleeding at first, and plastic surgeons say they will need at least three more surgeries to return the nose back to normal. The elderly owner of the offending dog was fined $610 for the attack and has to keep her pet muzzled when it's out in public, but for the victim, it may not be enough.

"I'm happy with [the action against the owner], but then what happens to the dog?" Riel said Monday.

Those looking to protect themselves from the possibility of a dog attack may want to buy pepper spray or animal repellent. The device can be used from as far as 10 feet away and can temporarily disable a dog who may pose a threat.

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