Thursday, April 28, 2011

Texas officers use pepper spray to avoid violence

Police in Brownsville, Texas, recently had to use pepper spray to subdue a pair of suspects after a confrontation became violent. Three people were arrested after the altercation and face charges ranging from interfering with the duties of a public servant to possession of marijuana, The Brownsville Herald reports.

The mid-afternoon incident began when police arrived on the scene to investigate a call about a public disturbance. Once there, they encountered the three suspects - one of whom ran away in an attempt to escape. After he was subdued, another one lunged at the officers, forcing them to use pepper spray to make sure the situation did not escalate any further. The third individual was also hit with pepper spray when she got into the fray.

Pepper spray is a useful tool for law enforcement, but it is also helpful for members of the general public as well. Although it is an effective personal safety tool, individuals should be well-versed on how to use it properly. Experts suggest practicing with the device beforehand to ensure it's used correctly, and if the need ever arises, it should be sprayed in a "x" or "z" pattern.

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