Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jogger attacked in Minnesota park

In the wake of a recent early-morning attack on a jogger in Woodbury, Minnesota's Markgrafs Lake Park, local police are stepping up patrols until the suspect is found. According to ABC affiliate KTSP, police say they have received tips regarding who was responsible, but they still need more information to find the perpetrator.

A local woman reported being sexually assaulted as she went for a run at around 5:30 a.m. However, she told investigators she was unable to get a good look at her attacker because it was too dark to make out any distinguishing facial features. The news source reports that police were able to retrieve some DNA evidence, but the results will not be back for several weeks.

When going out for a run, joggers should take certain precautions to boost their personal safety. For starters, one should limit distractions such as music - especially when alone. Additionally, running only when it's light out will reduce the risk of becoming a victim of an attack.

For those looking for an extra safety boost, pepper spray is an effective option. The device should be carried in an easy-to-reach location so it can be used quickly if the need ever arises. 

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